Why are beauty salons so important?

Here at Blush Beauty we’re always welcoming new customers. Our happy clients tell their friends about us, they tell their friends and before you know it we’re getting to know everyone in Finchley!


But why are so many women in love with us?


There are so many reasons why beauty salons have really taken off and why they are still the number one place for women (and men!) to come and hang out. Beauty salons are no longer just about helping you look great, they’re also a place to chat, relax, enjoy the company of friends and best of all help you FEEL amazing.



Our clients always comment on how great it is to have time dedicated to just them. No noise, no distractions, no phones. We love pampering our clients and helping them to relax and be at peace with themselves.


Time alone with the therapist during a facial is sometimes a time where our clients can reflect. We notice their breathing change as they fall into deep relaxation – sometimes even falling asleep.


Our manicures are designed to keep nails looking fresh. Whether you work in an office or are a mum on the go, nail care has been around for decades.


As a beauty salon we advise clients on what products to use for specific skin concerns, how to take care of their new lashes, how to pluck their own brows to keep a shape and even concentrate on specific pressure points during massages.


We love welcoming couples who are after a his and her treatments, friends who are popping in to catch up over a Cappuccino and pedicure and even those who are coming in with their bridal party for some last minute treatments before their big day. People are what keeps us motivated.


Call us today and come see what treats we have for you 0208 371 1446.


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