How To Use Beauty To Make Yourself Look Younger

As beauty specialists we’re always asked what are the secrets to looking younger?

Well we’re going to share everything we know with you!


A thin irregular shaped brow can age a person. We love thick brows with a carefully created that not only suits the client’s face but also takes years off of them. We are brow specialists and have been trained how to wax and tint brows to flatter.


In Paris it’s totally normal for women to have a facial once a fortnight. We hear it’s how they manage to stay looking so chic even on very little sleep. Our facials are designed to target concerns, including anti aging.


Stress and sleep deprivation can make your skin look tired, your lips look deflated and eyes look dull. It’s very important to relax the body so that you stay looking stress free. Our massages do just the trick.


So many of our clients keep coming back for their lash treatments. Lash extensions are favoured by so many celebrities of all ages, even 69 year old Meryl Streep. Full Bambi looking lashes can make you look more youthful.


A more extreme step to anti ageing but one that works. We work with AVA Aesthetics to bring our clients the best in fillers and Botox to enhance what you already have, to life and tighten.


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