Types Of Bikini Waxes: An Explanation

Whether you’re a wax virgin or a die hard fan, our therapists are here to guide you through every step of the way. We know that some clients can be really nervous especially if it’s their first time. We respect each and every client and treat each with patience and understanding.

So here’s a breakdown of what each type of Bikini Wax means:

Regular Bikini 

The normally requested bikini wax that removes hair outside the pant line. A good one to start with if it’s your first time, if you just want a tidy up or if you are due to wear a bikini!

Full Bikini

More hair taken off of the sides than the regular bikini wax and more off the top. This is great if you want a bit more taken off leaving a smaller patch of hair.

Brazilian Bikini

Given the name as they’re the best suited to those wearing a teeny tiny Brazilian bikini (you know the ones I’m talking about ladies). All hair is removed apart from a small ‘landing strip’ (or triangle/square, whichever you prefer).

The Hollywood

As above but removing ALL hair. We’re talking front, back, sides, everywhere. We advise not trying this on your first time unless you are super brave!


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